Always be recruiting…

The “5 secrets of talent” e-book below is a great little guide to key recruitment strategies but I thought I would add one; ALWAYS!

When the corporate message comes down that the headcount freeze is on its not time to stop recruiting. Keep selling your brand and value proposition in every way possible. Every networking opportunity is a recruitment opportunity. Great people are mostly busy doing what they do so a chance discussion is often the best sourcing opportunity of all. ALWAYS be recruiting…


5 Secrets of Talent

5 Secrets...

A friend of mine has put together a few little gems…check it out at …

Recruitment Process Outsourcing – RPO

Does RPO enhance an organisations ability to attract talent?

It Depends. I don’t think many HR Directors actually understand RPO fully. I also don’t think that Senior management actually spend nearly enough time thinking strategically about this issue. The Mantra of “Our People are our most important asset blah blah blah…” is to easy to spit out without really taking a critical look at how we source and retain the best. I do believe its an area where real competitive advantage can be gained but it takes real effort.

Therefore, I see RPO as the best solution in 2 senarios;

1. High Volume job filling where time and price are the imperatives.

2. Competitive Advantage. Where RPO (done well) is led by the CEO and recruitment and retention is the number one strategic goal.

The first senario is self explanatory however senario two is the challenging solution . RPO (done well) can really help if Senior Management support the supplier with time and committment however when they see it as a default solution its a waste of time. An internal Talent Acquisition team (Whether in-house or outsourced) must have direct reporting to Senior Management and reporting that creates accountability. It must be more than a processing team with a real link between the external market, internal hiring imperatives and the strategic direction supported with a reasonable budget. If this is not the case then stay with the old ‘preferred supplier’ list of agenices and hope for the best! (thats another topic)

I have met a few people who really get RPO and add enormous value to a company however mostly I see the solution poorly executed.

Therefore in my opinion if you want competitive advantage from your recruitment model either choose an RPO provider very carefully or avoid the trap of building a processing centre altogether and select specialist agencies in each key area.

My do’s and do not’s when considering RPO.


1. Pursue RPO if the Senior Executive Team is totally committed to CHANGE due to a strategic imperative.

2. Research internationally case studies with real outcomes. 

3. Incentify the supplier with contractual terms linked to performance.

4. If its a high volume job filling solution then RPO can be very effective also. 

5. Insist on accurate and timely managment information reporting on the key performance metrics that can be sourced from for examples.

Do Not:

1. Contract in a recruiter and expect them to be able to source and attract the best.

2. Launch into the acquistion of enterprise wide e-recruitment software expecting the panacea.

3. Confuse RPO with HR

4. Believe Cutting relationships with agencies is the right way forward

5. Move forward without performance expectations agreed.