Australia Beckons?

Last weekend I spent a day at our stallĀ at the NZ Jobs Expo and was amazed by how many people approached us asking if we could help them get a job in Australia. Last year we lost @30,000 to Australia and the trend seems set to continue upwards. Australian wages are up to 30% better and the taxes are now lower so you can’t blame people. The challenge for us is what is NZ going to do hold onto its talented young people or at least attract them home once they have done their OE?


The message matters…

You would have thought that the NZRFU largely due to the All Blacks had a pretty good employment brand. A win/loss ratio second to none in the sporting world and a population very proud of their achievements. But it’s interesting right now to observe the reaction that the man in charge of the lead brand is getting from most of the public. He is hurting the BRAND. For me its another reminder of how employers need to get the right messages out about their culture, direction, values etc as perception is reality whether your trying to fill a football stadium of hire great people!

Last Saturday the All Blacks played in front of a 3/4 full crowd. WOW – perception matters – lets be careful about the messages we put out there!