Top Tips…(from a recruiters perspective)

From a recruiters perspective what are the top tips we would offer our clients to make recruiting a better experience? We had the following thoughts…

1. “Time kills all deals” Great candidates won’t wait.

2. Provide a quality brief. The more comprehensive the brief the better the result.

3. Choose one recruiter…and make a mutual committment to the process.

4. Open all candidate sourcing channels, press, web, referrrals etc

5. Understand the full Value Proposition you have to offer the ideal candidate as they will have choices and need to be sold on the job, challenges, rewards, recognition, package, future!  Think…”Whats in it for me?”


You have to love APPLE!

I recently visited the Apple store on Regent St in London and WOW! They really have cracked it with their retail vision. Over 50 free internet kiosks were you can try out the macbook air, a lecture theatre, a ‘genuis’ bar whereby you can spend time with a expert, live training sessions etc, etc. Service staff all over both floors they really leave you loving everything about an Apple experience. I reckon a visit to the new Sydney shop could be on the agenda or better still hopefully they open one in NZ soon!!!