Tom Peters & Tough Times

I spent a day listening to Tom Peters last week. Articulate, pragmatic and passionate! However the most interesting thing for me is that the so called “Uber Guru” of management consultants delivers a very simple message. To say he is people centric is a gross understatement. Listen, Talk, Act with kindness, Put your team ahead of your customers, Take care of the little things, become OBSESSED with hiring the right people, say thankyou and keep trying things.

That’s the strategy for these tough times. For me I love that! Forget high level strategic retoric and focus on the pragmatic little things that are so important to our people. These are the things that will have our people engaged and doing the best they can.

I’ve devoured his book Re-Imagine and many of themes within his book were picked up in his presentation. I didn’t get the WOW factor from the day but I did get a stark reminder of how important the basics he refers to are. I’m getting my team to read his blogs, look at his presentation notes and act on these key messages because I believe he is right!


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