Which way ahead?

It’s tough out there so what way should we look? I suggest we look backwards and fast.

1. Looking to far ahead could suggest we believe economic commentators and base our business decisions on what they may be saying. I don’t think they actually know! They may fool us into forgetting about our bottom line and the performance of our people.

2. Keeping our head down will certainly lead to doom as at the very least we need to be out and about having discussions. Raising our external focus will help us to make our own judgement calls.

3. So I suggest look backwards and fast!

What I mean is that to get through this next period we must revert to the basics. Re-commit to being very good at what we do. This means investment in training, coaching the right people but not being afraid of removing either negative influences or people simply in the wrong job.

As my industry is recruitment I get no satisfaction from the stories of redundancies and close downs. I do however understand it and believe we should have seen it coming. The last 6 years or so have seen people succeed in recruitment without well rounded consulting skills and these times are difficult for those not well versed in the basics. Our people need to able able to build relationships, gain trust, manage expectations, unearth opportunities, deliver, manage their time and keep a balance in their lives. NOT an easy thing! However it is this range of skills that were required 20 years ago when our industry went through another challenge period. We will get through but we must be GREAT at what we do other our relevance to clients and candidates will be marginalised.Look Back!


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Recruitment Company Director, Founder, Advisor and Investor

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