DIY Recruiting

Had yet another interesting discussion with a client reluctantly advising us that they were going to do their own recruitment last week.
Whilst this DIY ethos is prevalent at the moment it’s almost always reluctantly implemented by the person who is tasked with the assignment.
For this reason I know that the policy is flawed.
Whilst anyone can buy the short term cost saving argument, companies must understand that finding the right person is neither a task that can be undertaken reluctantly nor is it simply a case of advertise and they will come.
Great recruiting requires effective and continual use of multiple sourcing channels.

  • Job Boards
  • Referrals
  • Head hunting
  • Social Media
  • Talent pool management
  • Deep web searching

Equally the best candidates are mostly fully engaged therefore the knowledge of their whereabouts and requirements is a large part of what recruiters are paid for. This requires a significant investment in time and expertise.
It surprises me that many clients ignore this reverting to “cost down” as their primary objective over quality. Both objectives can co-exist when properly planned.
For some organisations “people are our most important asset” has become a Tui billboard…