Green Shoots V2

A couple of months ago I commented on signs of growth. Since then I have spent some time in Australia also and was encouraged by reports and attitudes over there. Unemployment forecasts are being reviewed downwards both in Australia and NZ and generally reports are positive.

At a glance locally we are seeing more new jobs listed however the growth has been more evident in contracting and fixed term appointments. This is entirely logical but nevertheless encouraging as across the board people are talking up a better period ahead perhaps as early as Q2 2010?

Lets get with this mindset :_)


Management Contracting Versus Management Consulting?

I had an interesting discussion with an industry colleague from Australia the other day. They have launched a new service for their clients pitched at competing with traditional consulting firms. The key value propostion seemed to be:
1. Management Consulting expertise at a lower price point
2. Mangement Consulting advice that is not aligned to any software provider i.e. SAP or Oracle

This technology agnostic approach they stated was being well received by clients whom were tired of being oversold by strategy advice that was aligned to large enterprise wide software implementations and the corresponding consulting teams beyond what was required.

Is this lack of transparent independance a problem for management consulting firms in NZ?

I don’t know but if this service gains strength in Australia they may have found a nice growth niche in the market providing high quality management consulting experts to their clients with genuine independance at a good price.

This may not be entirely new but rather it may be well timed?

Australia is of course a very large pool compared to ours so plenty of room for all service options!