Word of Mouth…Period!

Watching 25,000 people at a football match in Wellington on Sunday was a great reminder of how strong word of mouth marketing really is! When people get a great experience and tell others the snowball effect is massive. Its entirely possible that the stadium in Wellington could be full come Sunday week  if the talk on the street is an indicator…which I think it is. People are buzzing and talking it up. This word of mouth plus a bit of social media, facebook and twitter commentry is the best marketing of all.

Get to “The Nix” v Newcastle semi-final its the best show in town at the moment!



2010 has got off to a busy start in terms of increased new job listings. The rhetoric is also pointing towards a busier recruitment marketplace.
I am getting the sense that organisations are committed to getting on with projects and growth plans by locking in new key people with much more urgency. State Sector is lagging this trend but certainly they too are in advanced planning for significant projects.
Our sector should be optimistic and keep our focus on relationships and quality delivery.