Talent Shortage approaches “Tipping Point”

Is it possible that so soon after the GFC we could be trending towards a human capital marketplace whereby demand is outstripping supply?

It seems the answer is yes! According to an article published in CIO magazine in Australia last week an ex colleague of mine is quoted suggesting that demand for critical IT specialists will return to pre GFC levels by the end of Q2 this year. Richard Fischer is now MD of Greythorn in Australia and is well positioned to accurately reflect market conditions.

I must concur with him when reflecting on the state of the NZ market. (I’m referrring to the ICT sector here). We now have clients very actively seeking specialists in both contract and permanent capacities. This is in stark comparison to just six months ago when uncertainty and indecisiveness prevailed.

So what? Well at this stage I can only recommend vigilance and a focus on workforce planning. If you feel exposed by a stressed out workforce or light on critical skills then don’t procrastinate. Acting early could be the best plan as it may be harder to find who you want than what you are recently accustomed to and don’t assume the market is flooded with specialists awaiting an opportunity. It isn’t and it may get tighter.

Engage with an agency of choice and commit to a proper sourcing strategy. Recruiting will be back to the top of management KPI charts in no time!



Outsourcing to NZ!

As salaries rise in Australia could we do more to promote NZ as a viable outsourcing destination?

I read with interest an article last week about how tight the talent marketplace has got in Australia. The article even stated that mission critical projects were at risk due to a lack of skilled resource.

Two immediate solutions come to mind:
1. Source some talent globally and NZ is low hanging fruit for good people!
2. Perhaps NZ consultancies should be proactively sourcing projects from Australia and utilise their NZ workforce for this deliverly!

An opportunity or at least an interesting trend to observe I think?