Multi-listed contingent recruitment will stop!

Yes I believe it… I am pleased to say that a major international has just agreed to this very mantra and for all the right reasons.

Throughout a normal process of an RFP for a preferred supplier panel this company (whom I will soon name and promote with pride) has engaged with their suppliers on the basis of best practice. They accepted that the old habits of multi-listed contingent assignments no longer served anyones purpose. Sure they crunched the fees and terms a little for the volume promise but refreshingly they are going to provide assignments to their suppliers on an exclusive and sometimes retained basis.

In essence they want it done properly in the interests of the employer, the recruiter and the candidate. Mutual committment to the task underpinned with effective communication providing controlled, measurable outcomes. I love it. For over 23 years I’ve endured multi-nationals squeezing agencies on price, only to put them all in a rat race where the only measurement of success was speed. Yep speed eventually does kill.  This old style engagement model is dying as all parties become more enlightened to the impact of speed recruiting on all parties!

Much more to come on this topic but today is a great day!


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7 Responses to Multi-listed contingent recruitment will stop!

  1. Glenn Latch says:

    That’s great news Chotey.
    Here’s hoping the rest of the business world moves the same way.

    Let me know when you need help on these role 🙂

    • chotey says:

      You know it Latchy… lets keep the movement going! Even if we get less we at least get to do good work and appropriate reward… everyone wins!

  2. Bede Ashby says:

    Chotey, you’re preaching to the converted. What other industry works for free when they receive a request for work? We promote a client’s brand, sift through people who do not match the brief in a highly professional way, interview and look after those who are right for the client, deal with the fall out of rejection for a client because they’re not focused on it and then gets a sorry (or not usually) from the client, we’ve decided not to progress, but thank you for being so STUPID as a recruiter that you have done all that work for free?

    As you can see I carry my soap box around with me on this topic….I’ve soooo much more to say

  3. nzrecruiter says:

    Recruitment utopia – a bright new future! But I can’t see it ever going away entirely – there just aren’t that many switched on people in business – there will always be the HR departments being guided on RFPs by Finance-lead Procurement Departments whose sole focus is to crunch the fees lower.

    Happy to hear of your enlightened client though, and I hope many will follow suit. When I recruited in Australia during the boom times I remember Leighton’s actually committing to pay a higher fee than what was on recruiter’s terms of business – and guess what? They got the best service and the best candidates in a desparately candidate-short market.

    Business can only benefit from thinking outside the square – trouble is most NZ business loves it inside that square too much.

    • chotey says:

      It’s up to us! Self worth is the key! Not only should we not work for free but we need to educate clients to the rationale. It’s not just the fact that we do poor work it’s that roll on effect on them and their employment brand. Nobody wins… Let’s make the change we want in the world! Good quote that!

  4. Graeme Sandri says:

    Chotey your views are so on the mark! It is time for our industry to stand up and believe in ourselves – say NO to the rubbish terms some clients seek – great stuff. To quote our little man in the 30 second ad Spray and “Walkaway”

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