Rugby World Cup 2011

All Blacks v England

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The opening weekend of RWC 2011 was excellent. Quality opening ceremony, mostly tight games and just a touch of controversy to keep the banter going until the next round.

I have just one hope (outside of an AB’s victory of course) and that is that us Kiwis learn to totally embrace and love everything going on during the RWC. I have been fortunate enough to attend a FIFA World Cup in France and to have been living in Sydney when they hosted both the Olympic Games and the 2003 RWC.

My lasting memory of those three occasions was the euphoric spirit amongst the hosts and visitors alike. It was unbelievably enjoyable!

That’s the opportunity we have right now. Let’s shake free from our intense scrutiny of the All Blacks that often leads to dour support and little celebration of the great things they are capable of and just relax and get into the whole thing.  I passionately hope we win but I am also determined to enjoy the whole experience again regardless.

That’s how I see it… a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for six weeks of highly contestable sport and associated fun that leaves everyone on a lasting and memorable high!

Too optimistic… nah… ?

PS: There are some very cool local things going on outside of the fanzones so keep an eye out! Poneke Rugby Club hosting the South African Fans and the local Te Reo school in Seatoun giving authentic Maori tours and experiences… Nice!


I love winners…

Miramar Rangers

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They make me smile…

Watching the All Blacks on Saturday night was excruciating yet at the 70 minute mark it was as if they just decided to win the game in spite of what was actually trending in their performance.

Is it Leadership?

Is it Belief?

Is it Habit?

Is it Ability?

I don’t know but it is well worth reflection. I love winners… On Sunday I watched my local club Miramar Rangers win the Chatham Cup (NZ‘s FA Cup) also so I was smiling all weekend. Yet again I got that warm fuzzy that goes with winning and admiring some top individual moments, team spirit and celebrations.

Thanks to Richie McCaw and Mike Woodside, the two captains of two winning teams, who reminded me that Winning puts a smile on your face. Whether it’s for your club or your country doesn’t matter it’s just a great habit to get into.

Thanks you guys, I’m going to keep reflecting on winners and their habits!


Two threads of information I’ve noted from Twitter over the last week cause some concern for employers in NZ.

1. 60,000 new jobs to be created in the mining sector in Australia over the next few years.
2. 35% of ICT professionals have indicated a desire to move offshore for work over the next couple of years.

Both items paint a picture of an increase in our already significant braindrain trend.

Do we have any news of anything that may lead to a reversal of this trend?

Market ain’t that hot…let’s keep it real!

I’ve been reading a lot of market commentry about just how hot the ICT employment market is again. I even read a blog from a Sydney based recruiter stating that it’s the hottest market they have ever seen! I hate to be rude but… that person can’t have been around long!

From a recruitment industry perspective let’s keep some perspective and acknowledge that the market is a lot better than this time 12 months ago. However, I suggest cautious optimisism is not a bad approach. Plan for growth without feeling the need to freak out and hire at all cost.

The recruitment industry had a real clean out over the last 18 months with those less than 110% committed to the career opting out. Let’s remain determined to focus on quality and committed people as we re-emerge and grow our businesses.

Yes we can!

Attitude – Belief – Committment… NZ gets a draw with Italy for our best ever international result…

Just an amazing effort from all involved… CONGRATULATIONS we are very proud of your efforts!

Talent Shortage approaches “Tipping Point”

Is it possible that so soon after the GFC we could be trending towards a human capital marketplace whereby demand is outstripping supply?

It seems the answer is yes! According to an article published in CIO magazine in Australia last week an ex colleague of mine is quoted suggesting that demand for critical IT specialists will return to pre GFC levels by the end of Q2 this year. Richard Fischer is now MD of Greythorn in Australia and is well positioned to accurately reflect market conditions.

I must concur with him when reflecting on the state of the NZ market. (I’m referrring to the ICT sector here). We now have clients very actively seeking specialists in both contract and permanent capacities. This is in stark comparison to just six months ago when uncertainty and indecisiveness prevailed.

So what? Well at this stage I can only recommend vigilance and a focus on workforce planning. If you feel exposed by a stressed out workforce or light on critical skills then don’t procrastinate. Acting early could be the best plan as it may be harder to find who you want than what you are recently accustomed to and don’t assume the market is flooded with specialists awaiting an opportunity. It isn’t and it may get tighter.

Engage with an agency of choice and commit to a proper sourcing strategy. Recruiting will be back to the top of management KPI charts in no time!

A few minutes with Brett O’Riley, CEO of NZICT

Check out my brief chat with Brett on what’s happening at NZICT at