Rugby World Cup 2011

All Blacks v England

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The opening weekend of RWC 2011 was excellent. Quality opening ceremony, mostly tight games and just a touch of controversy to keep the banter going until the next round.

I have just one hope (outside of an AB’s victory of course) and that is that us Kiwis learn to totally embrace and love everything going on during the RWC. I have been fortunate enough to attend a FIFA World Cup in France and to have been living in Sydney when they hosted both the Olympic Games and the 2003 RWC.

My lasting memory of those three occasions was the euphoric spirit amongst the hosts and visitors alike. It was unbelievably enjoyable!

That’s the opportunity we have right now. Let’s shake free from our intense scrutiny of the All Blacks that often leads to dour support and little celebration of the great things they are capable of and just relax and get into the whole thing.  I passionately hope we win but I am also determined to enjoy the whole experience again regardless.

That’s how I see it… a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for six weeks of highly contestable sport and associated fun that leaves everyone on a lasting and memorable high!

Too optimistic… nah… ?

PS: There are some very cool local things going on outside of the fanzones so keep an eye out! Poneke Rugby Club hosting the South African Fans and the local Te Reo school in Seatoun giving authentic Maori tours and experiences… Nice!


I love winners…

Miramar Rangers

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They make me smile…

Watching the All Blacks on Saturday night was excruciating yet at the 70 minute mark it was as if they just decided to win the game in spite of what was actually trending in their performance.

Is it Leadership?

Is it Belief?

Is it Habit?

Is it Ability?

I don’t know but it is well worth reflection. I love winners… On Sunday I watched my local club Miramar Rangers win the Chatham Cup (NZ‘s FA Cup) also so I was smiling all weekend. Yet again I got that warm fuzzy that goes with winning and admiring some top individual moments, team spirit and celebrations.

Thanks to Richie McCaw and Mike Woodside, the two captains of two winning teams, who reminded me that Winning puts a smile on your face. Whether it’s for your club or your country doesn’t matter it’s just a great habit to get into.

Thanks you guys, I’m going to keep reflecting on winners and their habits!

Yes we can!

Attitude – Belief – Committment… NZ gets a draw with Italy for our best ever international result…

Just an amazing effort from all involved… CONGRATULATIONS we are very proud of your efforts!


Yep word of mouth has sold out the stadium… first time ever… 30,000 plus to a club football match in NZ …. Amazing!

Lesson for us in business… people talk and influence others… give people a good experience… no bull you say … so simple yet so easily forgotten!!!

Go the Nix!

Word of Mouth…Period!

Watching 25,000 people at a football match in Wellington on Sunday was a great reminder of how strong word of mouth marketing really is! When people get a great experience and tell others the snowball effect is massive. Its entirely possible that the stadium in Wellington could be full come Sunday week  if the talk on the street is an indicator…which I think it is. People are buzzing and talking it up. This word of mouth plus a bit of social media, facebook and twitter commentry is the best marketing of all.

Get to “The Nix” v Newcastle semi-final its the best show in town at the moment!

Winning Culture…

You have to give the Warriors a big rap for their performances over the last two weeks. The most striking thing for me is how they seem so controlled and playing with with total confidence in and respect for eachother. It reminds me of sitting in the Olympic stadium watching the Wallabies knock the All Blacks out of the 2003 Rugby World Cup. That day in Sydney the Wallabies were just like the Warriors are now picking each other up after mistakes and applauding each other for the good stuff. It has a real energy about it and you could see that day the ABs did not have that same team culture!

It’s everything we aim for in our own businesses I’m sure and what better demonstration off it than in a Sports Team right in the high performance ZONE!

Well Done to everyone at the Warriors I’m loving it!