Two threads of information I’ve noted from Twitter over the last week cause some concern for employers in NZ.

1. 60,000 new jobs to be created in the mining sector in Australia over the next few years.
2. 35% of ICT professionals have indicated a desire to move offshore for work over the next couple of years.

Both items paint a picture of an increase in our already significant braindrain trend.

Do we have any news of anything that may lead to a reversal of this trend?


Australia Beckons?

Last weekend I spent a day at our stallĀ at the NZ Jobs Expo and was amazed by how many people approached us asking if we could help them get a job in Australia. Last year we lost @30,000 to Australia and the trend seems set to continue upwards. Australian wages are up to 30% better and the taxes are now lower so you can’t blame people. The challenge for us is what is NZ going to do hold onto its talented young people or at least attract them home once they have done their OE?