It’s not the idea, it’s the doing… surely?

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“Getting there first is not what it’s all about. What matters always is execution. Always,” Chris Fox – head of product at Facebook.

Reading this post  got me thinking about where this industry of ours might be heading. Of course we would like to have the best new idea, strategy, innovation or iPhone killer app.

In fact, without naming brands,  I’ve seen a whole lot of good ideas already like:

  • Niche Job Boards
  • Video CV banks
  • Web-based referral programmes
  • “Self Help” web talentpools
  • All the so-called ‘social recruiting’ tools

These innovations are all based on good ideas but what separates the good from the great. I think Fox has probably nailed it with his comment that it’s not about a great new idea and therefore being first to market, as much as it’s about a great committment to the execution of the idea. That’s the hard bit I think. Having the tenacity, the financial backing, the skills, the time, the massive vision, the team, the balls and the passion to get it done.

So I watch with interest and respect for those who continue to build technology to support their idea and our industry whilst I await the rise of those that really do nail the execution bit… yep they will be loaded and I’ll be talking about relationships, trust and understanding the people bit! I guess I’ll use the Malcolm Gladwell excuse as explained in ‘The Outliers”… wrong birth date for me :-).

Please let me know if you do see a great example of the brilliant execution of an innovation in our industry as I’ll follow with great interest.